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Table of Apps and Capture Technology

Different ToyTalk applications capture different kinds of data to provide each play experience. The following table lets you know what information each application does and does not capture, as well as the reason why we capture this information.

App Name Audio Capture1 Photo Capture2 Video Capture3
SpeakOrTreat YES NO NO
SpeakaLegend YES NO NO
SpeakaZoo YES NO NO
The Winston Show YES YES NO

1 ToyTalk applications use speech recognition technology to create conversant characters. This requires sending audio off the user's device to understand what the user said. This audio may also be used to improve the accuracy of the speech recognition technology and improve our products in the future.

2 Some ToyTalk applications show a video feed of the device's camera inside of the application and offer the ability to take screenshots of the app. These photos are shared back with the parent, who can chose to share or delete them. Parents can also chose to turn off all photo capturing via the parental settings screen for the application.

3 ToyTalk may decide to create videos of user play experiences in the future, however, currently no ToyTalk applications record video.

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