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Last Revised: July 30, 2015

Below are some highlights of our privacy practices regarding the use of ToyTalk apps by children under the age of 13. For more detailed information, please see our Children's Privacy Policy. If you have any remaining questions, please email us at

Why do we ask parents to provide their email address and create a parent account?

We collect parental email in order to obtain parental consent and create a parent account, which allows you to access the Parental Settings section of the ToyTalk website. Parental consent is required because ToyTalk apps may include the capture of audio recordings containing the voice of a child under the age of 13, which are considered personal information under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). We may also use this email to send you information about ToyTalk and as otherwise described in our Privacy Policy, but you may opt out of receiving informational or promotional emails by following the opt out instructions in such emails.

What personal information is collected from children under 13?

We collect a parent's email so that we may obtain consent to the use of our apps. This email is also used in connection with maintaining parent accounts. Our apps involve characters that interact with users, and audio recordings of such interactions, which may be considered personal information under COPPA, may be collected when the app is used. It is possible for children to provide additional personal information when they talk with our characters, and such information may be captured in these recordings. However, it is our policy to delete such information where we become aware of it and we contractually require our service providers to do the same.

For products other than The Winston Show, SpeakaZoo, SpeakaLegend and SpeakorTreat, we also may collect certain identifiers, including advertising identifiers such as Apple’s IDFA or the Android Advertising ID, which may be considered personal information under COPPA.

How are recordings used by ToyTalk?

We use audio recordings to create the entertainment experience in the ToyTalk apps. This includes enabling speech recognition (so we can provide meaningful responses to what you and your children say) and archiving play sessions of children for their parents to access. These recordings may also be used for research and development purposes, such as to maintain and analyze the functioning of our products, to improve speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence algorithms, and to create better entertainment experiences. We do not use the recordings or their content to contact children or to advertise to them.

How are recordings shared with third parties?

We share audio recordings with third party vendors who assist us with speech recognition, with developing, testing and improving our products, speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence algorithms, and with conducting research and development. These vendors do not have access to account information and have agreed to not use these audio recordings for other purposes. Vendors may be permitted to use transcriptions of recordings and derived data created from recordings that no longer contain any audio files of real voices for their own research and development purposes.

Parents may share recordings created through their account via email or on third-party sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter through their parent accounts. Such sharing is not automatic. It must be initiated by the parent user.

What controls do parents have over account information and content?

Parents have full control over all account information and content in their child’s account . Parents may review and delete any audio files in their account and may also permanently delete their accounts via the Settings page on ToyTalk's website.

Can other users contact my child or access their information through ToyTalk?

For safety purposes, ToyTalk apps are designed so that there is no ability for users to contact each other via ToyTalk and so that a ToyTalk account holder cannot access information in anyone else's account.

You may read our full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you have any remaining questions or concerns about the privacy of your data or that of your children's then please email us at

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