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Renee Adams

Head of Operations and Keeper of Post-its

Renee is co-founder and Head of Operations for ToyTalk, Inc. Renee's background centers mainly around Program Management where she's worked on a variety of projects for all aspects of business. At Apple Computer, where Renee spent four years, she worked on projects for IS&T, Americas Operations and Logistics, and Retail Development. After leaving Apple, Renee joined Pixar Animation Studio where she spent nearly eight years as part of the Studio Tools software team. While there, Renee headed up the Project Management team on the next generation software effort as well as managed the department budget and hiring. Renee completed her MBA with a focus in Organizational Behavior and Change Management at night while working for Pixar. When she’s not working at ToyTalk, you can find Renee hanging out with her family or shopping for shoes.

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