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Elliott Roberts

Senior Animator

After the crushing realization that the movie E.T. was not, in fact, a window into his future-life, a four-year-old Elliott was introduced to the Atari game Defender. It was during this epic moment that Elliott knew he had a calling in the digital arts and proceeded to spend most of his academic life drawing on the pages of his textbooks with absolutely no clue as to how this tactic would get him any closer to his calling. He then fumbled his way into the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where he would often crash classes taught by the likes of Oren Jacob and other Pixar artists. Since then, Elliott has found himself "working" at companies like Blue Sky Studios, Tippett Studio, Double Fine Productions, Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic, as well as teaching at Animation Mentor. It was during these post-college years that he developed a habit of pinching himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. In late 2015, he was given an opportunity to join ToyTalk and doesn't think any amount of pinching could wake him up from this amazing dream.

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