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  • Oren Jacob
    Lead Avalanche Forecaster
    a.k.a. CEO

  • Martin Reddy
    Chief Scotsman
    a.k.a. CTO

  • Rod Humble
    Galactic Hero
    a.k.a. Chief Creative Officer

  • Renee Adams
    Cat Herder and Realist
    a.k.a. Head of Operations

  • Scott Ganz
    Artisanal Chucklesmith
    a.k.a. Head Writer

  • Michael Chann
    Development Decathlete
    a.k.a. Engineering Lead

  • Brian Langner
    Speech Synthesizer
    a.k.a. Speech Scientist

  • James Chalfant
    Scalability Specialist
    a.k.a. Engineering Lead

  • Lucas Ives
    Uptempo Programmer
    a.k.a. Engineering Lead

  • Frank Clary
    Sonic Shape Shifter
    a.k.a. Sound Engineer

  • Ben Morse
    Teddy Roboticist
    a.k.a. Software Engineer

  • Murat Konar
    a.k.a. User Interface Designer

  • Jennifer Dobbs
    Ring Leader & First Mate
    a.k.a. Operations Manager

  • Aurelio Tinio
    Web Craftsman
    a.k.a. Software Engineer

  • Kevin Dusablon
    Master Soundsmith
    a.k.a. Audio Engineer

  • Dan Clegg
    Resident Ventriloquist
    a.k.a. Voice Actor

  • Wendell Luebbe
    Mighty Skeumorphin' Power Ranger
    a.k.a. Artist

  • Sarah Wulfeck
    Fairy Tattle-Tail
    a.k.a. Writer

  • Paul Gluck
    a.k.a. Lead QA Engineer

  • Neth Nom
    a.k.a. Animator

  • Daniel S.
    Head Biographer
    a.k.a. Analytics

  • Mike Houlahan
    Rain Master
    a.k.a. Head of Enterprise

  • Laurel Hart
    Runcible Engineer
    a.k.a. AI Engineer

  • Tom Sarris
    Shouter from Rooftops
    a.k.a. Head of Communications

  • Nicholas Pelczar
    a.k.a. Writer / Actor

  • John Solis
    a.k.a. Security Engineer

  • Patrick Ku
    Writer Therapist
    a.k.a. Software Engineer

  • Jamie Rollins
    Cruise Director
    a.k.a. Office Manager

  • Ali Ziaei
    Alphabet Man
    a.k.a. Speech Recognition Scientist

  • Mike Forst
    Sonic Sorcerer
    a.k.a. Audio Designer

  • Adrian Melian
    a.k.a. Technical Artist

  • Grant Damron
    Fugue Writer
    a.k.a. Software Engineer

  • Jessica Kitchens
    Mayhem Enthusiast
    a.k.a. Actor/Writer

  • Danielle Frimer
    a.k.a. Actor/Writer

  • Jeff Aydelotte
    Code Baker
    a.k.a. Software Engineer

  • Ted Dobyns
    Theoretical Game Scientist
    a.k.a. Gameplay and Prototyping Engineer

  • Shawn Blakesley
    Scruffy Code-herder
    a.k.a. Infrastructure Engineer

  • Fırat Enderoglu
    Conspiracy Theorist
    a.k.a. Technical Artist

  • Elliott Roberts
    Static Electrocutioner
    a.k.a. Senior Animator

  • Roger Ridley
    Swiss Geometry Knife
    a.k.a. Technical Artist

  • Jeremy Cytryn
    Resident Curse Breaker
    a.k.a. Software Engineer

  • David Gardner
    Minister of Playliological Sciences
    a.k.a. Senior Animator

  • Ryan Scott
    Masher of Buttons
    a.k.a. Gameplay Prototype Engineer

  • Jason Haber
    High Five Aficionado
    a.k.a. Producer

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