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Best High Tech Toys We've Seen at the 2016 Toy Fair
Rod Humble: Exploring New Paths
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The Big Deal in Toys This Year? They Play Back.
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Cool or Creepy? High-Tech 'Hello Barbie' Has Conversations With Kids
Here's What It's Like Playing With the Talking 'Hello Barbie
When Artificial Intelligence Is Everywhere, All The Time
This New Barbie Has Opinions On Taylor Swift, My Bloody Valentine
Why Hello Barbie Is Not As Creepy As She Sounds
Hello Barbie, Chatbots, and the Challenges of Talking Toys
The New Hello Barbie is Like Siri Trapped in a Doll's Body
Will Barbie Pass the Turing Test?
Rod Humble Talks Sims, A.I., and His New Work at ToyTalk
Toot, Toot! Climb Aboard as Thomas & Friends Talk to You
Hot on Hello Barbie's Plastic Heels, ToyTalk Now Let's Kids Chat With Thomas the Tank Engine
A Wi-Fi Barbie Doll With the Soul of Siri
Using ToyTalk Technology, New Hello Barbie Will Have Real Conversations With Kids
Sesame Workshop Tackles Literacy With Technology
Pixar Vets Reinvent Speech Recognition So It Works for Kids
These Pixar Veterans Want Your Kids to Talk to Their Apps
With Response To Touch, ToyTalk's Conversational Characters Get More Realistic
This App Lets Cartoons Talk to Your Kids
The Future of Play: How Technology Is Changing the Way Kids Play
ToyTalk App: A Cartoon That Talks Back
Turning a Tablet Into a Child's Interactive TV
I'm An Alien!": Pixar alums' pioneering iPad show lets kids engage in interactive make believe
100 Best Innovations of the Year
Former Pixar Exec Takes On Interactive Kids' App (Video)
ToyTalk Isn't Just Entertaining Our Kids, It's Teaching Our Machines To Converse
Apple features The Winston Show in their App Store Best of 2013
iPad app makes kids the stars of interactive 'movie'
ToyTalk update moves light-years ahead in content
ToyTalk pushes boundaries with conversational entertainment (too bad it's just for kids)
The Winston Show, Anki Drive Bring High-Tech Toys to Life
A free iPad app makes conversation with kids
Chatty Winston Show app sets bar for kid interaction
A Kids' App That Entertains With Talk, Not Taps
App of the week: the Winston Show
How Pixar Alums Are Reimagining Storytelling On The iPad

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